The Mythic Woman project

'Mythic Women installation at Hartnell College. 2016 includes prints from 32 women.

Participants FaceBooK page declaring the attributes of Athena

Full body print of Athena


















What woman - imagined or real

represents a mythic woman for you?

What are the qualities of an Mythic Woman?

What would be the typical pose for that persona?








The Mythic Women project ignites reflection upon and a channel to connect with those who have inspired. I invite women to think about influential women figures in their lives - whether she be truly mythical, imaginary, literary, historical, or someone in their personal life.

After an introduction to this simple, clean printing process through making a faceprint, with guidance participants make a bodyprint representing their inspiration. Ink does not touch the body but creates a direct impression by pressure onto the paper. Through dialog and movement, we plan out each life-size print to invoke that potent spirit.

If you wish to collaborate on a Mythic Women project please contact Barbara







I am Athena

I fight for freedom and justice

for all living things

and creatures


I support creativity

in all it's forms;

music and movement

visual and thought